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Discover how our expertise and innovation have helped businesses like yours achieve success. Explore our case studies and see what we delivered to figure out how it helped drive forward the development of tech & software solutions for various industries.

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  • Bot Cast AI
  • BonFire - Bonfire Real-Estate Fractionalized Marketplace
  • Mesmr
  • CounterTen - Digital Collectible platform for Loyalty, Brands and events
  • Holygrails - Solana NFT Marketplace
  • Apollo - Apollo Crypto Launchpad
  • CoinXpad - Coinxpad Decentralised Crypto Launchpad
  • Cypha - Make your Music using Cypha app
  • DiveWallet - Decentralised Safest Crypto and digital assets wallet
  • FTWDao - Diversifying the venture investing ecosystem
  • Ikaris - NFT Showcase Mobile App
  • Medizen - Pill Reminder and Drug interaction Detection app
  • MLEstimation - AI Tool to Analyse your Building material
  • NearPro - Connecting Homeowner and top Contractor
  • Bloqhodler - Hedge fund investment app
  • Galaxy Coin - Governance Token & Stacking Defi app
  • zo
  • BrainPulses
  • NextGen

Let’s Get Started

  • Customer Enquiry

    The prospect contacts us to discuss their project requirements, challenges, and goals.

  • Codiste Reverts

    Our team responds to the client, acknowledging their request and scheduling a call to discuss the project further.

  • Project Discussion

    Our experts meet with the potential client to better understand the project's scope and objectives. This includes analyzing existing systems, identifying potential risks, and developing a project roadmap.

  • Cost Estimation and Delivery Dates

    Codiste provides the client with a detailed project plan, including cost estimates and delivery dates, based on the scope and requirements discussed in the previous step.

  • Development

    Our experienced professionals start working on the project's development, adhering to the project plan while maintaining clear communication with the client.

  • Project Delivery

    After thorough testing and quality assurance checks, we deliver and deploy the final product to the client, ensuring that it meets all the specified requirements and is ready for use.


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