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Step up into the innovative journey of decentralised finance with our DeFi solution development services. We are­ a team of full-stack software developers who specialise in developing secure and reliable decentralised blockchain-based finance platforms. Our services include de­centralized exchange, yield farming protocols, governance toke­ns, lending and borrowing platforms, and more.

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DeFi Solution Development Services
  • Bot Cast AI
  • BonFire - Bonfire Real-Estate Fractionalized Marketplace
  • Mesmr
  • CounterTen - Digital Collectible platform for Loyalty, Brands and events
  • Holygrails - Solana NFT Marketplace
  • Apollo - Apollo Crypto Launchpad
  • CoinXpad - Coinxpad Decentralised Crypto Launchpad
  • Cypha - Make your Music using Cypha app
  • DiveWallet - Decentralised Safest Crypto and digital assets wallet
  • FTWDao - Diversifying the venture investing ecosystem
  • Ikaris - NFT Showcase Mobile App
  • Medizen - Pill Reminder and Drug interaction Detection app
  • MLEstimation - AI Tool to Analyse your Building material
  • NearPro - Connecting Homeowner and top Contractor
  • Bloqhodler - Hedge fund investment app
  • Galaxy Coin - Governance Token & Stacking Defi app
  • zo

Our DeFi Development Services

Hire Blockchain defi developer to add value to your project with our comprehensive range of below-listed services:

Why Choose Codiste for Your DeFi Solution Development Services?

Codiste, being the trusted DeFi Development Company, brings a number of benefits through its experience and expertise in Blockchain technology and defi solutions.

Comprehensive Development

Technical Expertise

Managing the complex world of DeFi is a task best left to the seasoned pros, like Codiste's team of developers. Our seasoned developers are well-versed with DeFi platforms and protocols. Implementing your project properly is a no-brainer for us all because of the technical expertise of our developers.

Comprehensive Development

Custom Defi Solutions

DeFi space has no room for one-size-fits-all solutions. With Codiste, you get a DeFi Solution Development that is tailored specially for your needs. Your DeFi product will be custom-made to your precise requirements, whether it be a decentralised lending service, yield farming platform, or governance token for your community.

Comprehensive Development

Security-first Approach

At Codiste, we prioritise security in all our De­Fi solution development services. We take extensive measures to ensure that your DeFi solution is prote­cted. We carry out penetration tests, and code audits, and employ numerous levels of security. We prioritise security to protect your users' funds and data from vulne­rabilities.

Comprehensive Development

Core Ingenuity

At Codiste, we are driven by innovation and constantly adapting to the e­volving DeFi ecosystem. We aim to keep your solution at the fore­front of DeFi innovation, whether that involves incorporating the latest optimization strategies or e­xploring new and exciting DeFi use­ cases.

Comprehensive Development


DeFi projects often see a quick increase in user adoption. At Codiste, we prioritise scalability when designing solutions for your De­Fi platform, making sure it can handle high levels of user activity and transaction volume without any issues. Our architectural and infrastructure­ choices are designed to prioritise scalability.

Comprehensive Development

Proven Track Record

Codiste's portfolio highlights our developers’ proven track record in delivering successful DeFi projects across a range of se­ctors. Our clients have always experienced the benefits of our e­xpertise, timely de­livery, and cost-effective­ DeFi solutions. Codiste is now an established collaborator for the development of DeFi solutions because of their track record.

Our Blockchain Execution Process

Our strong team of blockchain developers brings perfection to your custom blockchain development needs following the below process.

Functional Requirement Discussion

Functional Requirement Discussion

Understating the business use cases, recognize the problem, and decide the Blockchain platform and functionalities.

Prototyping and Development

Prototyping and Development

Design and development of the secure Blockchain solution comprehensively considering network topologies, Smart contracts, and so on.

Build, Test, and Repeat

Build, Test, and Repeat

Identifying and fixing bugs by QAs and analysing performance through performance and security testing.

Blockchain Solution Deployment

Blockchain Solution Deployment

Set up network, smart contracts, etc. before deployment to ensure the Blockchain solutions meet specifications.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintenance and Upgrades​

Updating software, upgrading new features, monitoring network, etc. to keep Blockchain platform secure and up to date.

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Technology Stack

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

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  • Corda


  • ethereum


  • fantom


  • Graphene


  • hyperledger


  • Java


  • polygon


  • python


  • tron


  • solidity


  • Solana


Industries We Serve

Real Estate

Real Estate







Retail & E-Commerce

Retail & E-Commerce



Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

Gaming & Entertainment

Gaming & Entertainment

Trading platforms

Trading platforms

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Start-Up & SME

Start-Up & SME

Our Engagement Models

Looking for a Top Blockchain services provider near you? We would be happy to serve you with result-oriented Custom Blockchain software development services. Explore our flexible hiring models for your Blockchain development projects.


Fixed Engagement Model

Get a predefined budget and timetable that is tailored for Blockchain solutions projects with well defined scope and needs. This strategy, which is best for small to medium projects, guarantees cost predictability and provides the stated deliverables within the scheduled time range.


Time and Material Engagement Model

Our Time and Material Engagement Model is flexible and adaptable, making it ideal for Custom blockchain based services projects with changing requirements and undefined scope. As a result, there is more flexibility in adapting changes, scalability, and continued cooperation throughout the development lifecycle because you only pay Custom blockchain experts hourly rate actually used on the project.


Hire Dedicated Team Model


Operating on decentralised finance protocols, a DeFi DApp (Decentralised Application) is an application based on blockchain technology that allows users to take part in various financial services such as trading, borrowing, and lending without any intermediate parties.

To truly guarantee the safety of your DeFi wallet, it is important to take certain precautions. Some effective measures to ensure maximal security include implementing two-factor authentication, thoroughly examining smart contract safety, and incorporating the use of hardware wallets.

Using smart contracts, blockchain developers create DeFi wallets that manage cryptocurrencies, interact with DeFi protocols, and secure users' assets.

Providing users with opportunities to lend assets and borrow assets in exchange for interest, DeFi platforms are imperative for the efficient allocation of capital within decentralised finance.

Decentralised finance (DeFi) implementation can be complex and requires expert guidance, which is where DeFi consultants come in. Their services include assisting businesses in selecting appropriate DeFi protocols and assessing their use cases.

Interacting with DeFi protocols is now more secure and straightforward as DeFi smart contracts automate financial transactions and agreements on the blockchain. Trustless and self-executing processes contribute to this, eliminating intermediaries in the process.

DeFi exchanges are decentralised platforms that help people trade cryptocurrencies, without relying on traditional intermediaries. With automated market-making algorithms and liquidity pools, these exchanges allow their users to trade a wide range of tokens directly from their wallets.

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Case Study

CounterTen – Solana Marketplace

CounterTEN is a Solana-based NFT platform that enables brands to create and sell NFTs for a variety of purposes, from event access and product launches to collectibles and memberships. The platform provides flexibility for businesses to increase revenue and engagement, and has already been used successfully by luxury car and clothing brands. CounterTEN is a game-changer for brands looking to connect with their customers in an innovative way using NFTs.

CounterTen - Digital Collectible platform for Loyalty, Brands and events

Their Skyrocketing Success is Our Feedback!

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