Apollo Marketplace

Launching an Investment Ecosystem Platform
Codiste deploys a decentralized Launchpad platform named Apollo Marketplace, aimed at enabling users with investment diversification in the most profitable way possible.

Kick start the Project
Apollo - Apollo Crypto Launchpad

Client Requirement

The key requirement from the client was to develop a platform that could function as an ecosystem enabling users to profitably diversify their investment. For the purpose of earning incentives, the client wanted to establish the platform with a DEX tool, launchpad, and staking assets. The customer insisted that the platform must have capabilities to introduce Custom ERC20 Tokens. The platform should also have options to add and remove liquidity as well as use that liquidity to launch launchpads and make money from the same.

Problem Statement

Features of Product

Our panel of experts integrated a comprehensive set of features as required by the client including token launches and liquidity management. Ultimately, a panoramic ecosystem was created that suited well as a Diversified Investment Platform.

  • Decentralized

    Decentralized Launchpad Platform
    New projects can launch their tokens with ease and gain visibility in the market. This helps users to invest in new projects at the ground level.

  • Decentralized Exchange

    Decentralized Exchange Tool with Liquidity Management
    Users can easily buy/sell assets using the decentralized exchange tool, while the liquidity management ensures that there is always enough liquidity for trading.

  • Staking Module

    Staking Module
    Users can earn rewards for staking or holding tokens and get incentives to hold onto their assets.

  • Token

    Token Creation Module
    End-users can easily create new tokens like Custom ERC20, enabling new projects to quickly launch their own tokens and gain exposure to the market.

  • HighAPY Module

    HighAPY Module
    Users get attractive rewards for staking tokens, giving them a way to earn more tokens and participate in the growth of the project.

  • Admin panel

    Admin panel for Adding/Removing Chain Support
    Seamless addition or removal of chain support, enabling the platform to stay up to date with new developments and changes in the market.

What did we deliver?

Our team at Codiste deployed the Apollo Platform decked with all the modules and powered with the right set of functionalities. Here is a glimpse of what we delivered...

Web Platform - Admin (Client)

We integrated the following major features under the Admin View of the web platform -
  • Blockchain managing support where admin can decide which Blockchain technology will be supported for launching the Launchpad.
  • Admin can check the Launchpad statistics.
  • Admin can create any number of tokens with specified volume.
  • High APY pool creation functionality for earning good rewards on investing in High APY Pool.

Web Platform - End-Users

Our web platform for the end-users stood out to be the ultimate ecosystem that had provision for profitable investment diversification.

Commitment Delivered!

Were the very first words of our client. We developed the desired Apollo Marketplace with futuristic functionalities like Stacking Module and HighAPY Module.

Technology Stack

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

  • React-icon
  • Node.js

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