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AR Home Decor - 3D Visualize & Design Rooms in Virtual Reality

Experiment with Layouts, Style Furnishings, and Bring Unique Visions to Life with Custom Interactive Models

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About Innovative App Idea

We have envisioned an intuitive home decor app that allows users to visually bring materialise design concepts. Manual layout planning and scaling drawings posed creativity barriers. To overcome this, we have moved beyond static floor plans to 3D visualization for realistically scaling furnishing arrangements. We wanted to develop an extensive suite of tools that enable users with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for experimenting with styles smoothly. We wanted to develop a solution for users to visualize their dream rooms, tweak décor elements, save ideas to the cloud to continue edits anywhere, and share for straightforward execution. Our goal is to make interior design easy and fun rather than limiting.

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Features of AR Home Decor

Augmented reality application- HomedecoreAR, transforms home decoration by enabling users to experiment with layouts, style furnishings, and create custom interactive models, all within an immersive morden AR environment.

Access Extensive Furniture Collections

Access Extensive Furniture Collections

Browse through an extensive catalog featuring thousands of high-quality 3D models across every style imaginable. Whether your tastes run modern, mid-century, industrial, or boho chic, you'll discover pieces to perfectly furnish each room. Save favorite finds to idea books directly within the app to easily reference later as you visualize and design spaces.

Design Spaces with Intuitive Tools

Design Spaces with Intuitive Tools

Intuitive design tools make it simple to create floor plans from scratch or upload images of actual rooms to scale. Drag and drop realistic 3D furniture models directly into floor plans to experiment with arrangements and styles. Easily edit materials, patterns, colors of walls, floors, and decor elements to envision the aesthetic.

Share and Collaborate on Designs

Share and Collaborate on Designs

Seamlessly save designs to the cloud to enable editing across devices and simplify sharing with clients, contractors, or other collaborators. Comment or allow others to suggest tweaks to designs in real time. Transfer finalized plans directly to contractors or furniture outlets for purchasing. Streamlining everything from initial concept to final execution.

Technology Stack

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  • Swift


  • SceneKit


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Benefits of AR Home Decor

Benefits of AR Home Decor - AR Home Decor offers the advantage of trying out furniture arrangements and decor styles before making any changes, providing a virtual preview to ensure everything fits perfectly in your space.

Visualize Spaces Before Buying

Visualize Spaces Before Buying

Augmented reality allows you to virtually stage furniture and decor in your actual home before purchasing anything. See pieces scaled correctly in the room to ensure everything fits and matches your style. Avoid making expensive mistakes and create spaces you'll love.

Accurately Assess Layouts and Scale

Accurately Assess Layouts and Scale

AR technology can scan room dimensions and help build to-scale floor plans digitally. Add true-to-size 3D models of sofas, rugs, shelves and more to experiment with arrangements that work. Know pieces will fit before buying or finalizing designs.

Enhance In-Store Shopping Experiences

Enhance In-Store Shopping Experiences

Home goods retailers can allow customers to view 3D models of inventory overlaid right in their homes with AR apps. See that couch on your actual living room wall or visualize a sofa fitting in your entry

The Concept to Result!

We developed an intuitive home decor app empowering users to digitally design interiors. Integrating interactive 3D visualization and scalable furnishing models, our engineers enabled bringing revitalize spaces visually. Users can map room dimensions and then Continuously customise finishes, arrangements, and decors in 3D. Our decorating engine provides flexibility to experiment with designs endlessly. Edit wall colors and materials, drag and drop true-to-size furnishings, tweak placements, and visualize the outcome in realistic renders from every angle. With We changed home decorating, taking the complexity out and enabling users to actualize spaces digitally before enhancing their real homes - all with our AR Home Decor App!


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