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New definition of enterprise governance and employee engagement. BANDR is the answer for businesses looking for a way to interact with employees more effectively. With tokenized rewards, it makes creating custom and decentralised reward systems that increase motivation and loyalty possible.

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Business Story

Bandr came to us with a vision of building an advanced HR enterprise system that would help reduce employee turnover rates, strengthen company culture, and offer decentralized financial opportunities. They wanted some aspects of decision-making power to be shifted down, keeping track of projects or rewarding them in addition to a special benefits plan that amalgamates DeFi.
Codiste was able to develop Bandr which met these requirements. The admin view controls decentralized governance management, and performance tracking systems while giving out tokens as rewards. Whereas the user interface permits staff members to take part in decision-making processes as well as access various finance protocols. This assignment demonstrated our dedication to coming up with creative corporate solutions for culture enhancement and worker involvement.

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Client Requirement

A transformative solution was requested by our client to lower the amount of people quitting, strengthen their corporate culture, and give workers access to the economy in a decentralised way through finance that’s also decentralised. The client also aimed to decentralise governance selectively by enabling employees to vote on proposals, track projects and performance, and establish reward systems. As a bonus, they wanted benefits programs to take a different approach by allowing employees to directly engage with financial opportunities using a part of their salary.

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BANDR Features

Discover how BANDR reshapes enterprise governance and employee engagement. Its innovative features offer tools that have never been seen before when it comes to transforming your HR ecosystem.

Decentralised Governance and Tokenized Rewards (TokenGated Security)

Decentralised Governance and Tokenized Rewards (TokenGated Security)

BANDR gives businesses the ability to embrace decentralised governance selectively. You can use tokens for company votes, rewards, and identification in NFT form that align with specific parameters of an organisation. With TokenGated Security you get an approach to employee engagement that is secure and tailored for your business. Make managing employee custodial wallets easier along with facilitating document airdrops from multiple legacy systems with API integration

Employee Market Making

Employee Market Making

Your entire benefit program can be revolutionised due to BANDR which allows employees to become market makers. They can create liquidity pools and access decentralised finance protocols with a part of their salary which changes the way they interact with financial systems in a big way. Not only does this empower them but it makes sure everything is fair because of pari-passu programs.

Seamless Integration for Tailored Solutions

Seamless Integration for Tailored Solutions

We know every business has unique needs so we made sure BANDR can accommodate them all by having pricing options you can tailor yourself as well as plans that fit any budget constraint your business may have. As another plus, our platform seamlessly integrates into whatever system you already have running so you don't have to worry about it being a hassle to implement change.

Technology Stack

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

  • Ethereum


  • Node


  • Polygon


  • Python


  • React


  • Solidity


  • aws-s3


  • mongodb


  • openai


  • Bootstrap


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BANDR Benefits

Find out what BANDR has in store, like strengthening corporate culture and providing financial empowerment for both employees and enterprises.

Enhanced Corporate Culture

Enhanced Corporate Culture

You won’t have to worry about people quitting anymore with BANDR since it empowers workers to actively participate in governance and reward systems that shape their company. Building inclusivity is just another thing this tool can do which will really make your organisation a place where they feel like they belong.

Empowerment and Financial Access

Empowerment and Financial Access

Due to BANDR, employees now get access to decentralised finance opportunities that create a path for them to gain financial empowerment. They’ll become market makers who can directly engage with finance protocols that are decentralised, ultimately changing their futures.

Improved Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Improved Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

BANDR ensures changes made are efficient due to seamless integration in existing systems. We also allow you to tailor pricing so the solution can fit right into your budget constraints without costing an arm and leg.

What We Delivered?

Inspired by DAO principles, we were able to give you BANDR, an HR enterprise solution platform that’s groundbreaking. It empowers businesses to strengthen corporate culture, lower attrition rates, and provide access to decentralised economies through decentralised finance platforms. On top of everything else we added tokenized rewards, decentralised governance, employee market-making abilities as well as options for seamless integration so it doesn't disrupt your current operations. This tool brings forth financial empowerment along with inclusivity and efficiency.


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