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Biblo is a platform that empowers creators, enterprises, and consumers. MESMR Labs brings you content creation and distribution that focuses on the growth of your clientele.

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Client Requirement

The client needed an innovative solution to improve their content creation and circulation process. They need a platform that could work within the Web3 ecosystem. The challenge was to make a space where they could perform decentralisation while retaining their privacy. The only way they thought this could be done was through blockchain technology. They also needed AI features to enhance their content, such as improved audio quality, text analysis, 3D asset production, and immersive video experiences. They were thinking about incorporating virtual reality and 3D storytelling.

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Advanced Tools to Empower Content Creation

Biblo offers exceptional features that will transform your content creation and captivate your audience like it’s never been done before.

AI Boosted Content Creation

AI Boosted Content Creation

Biblo comes with a toolbox powered by AI to make unique reading experiences ready for you to create. Those tools are Stable Diffusion, DALL-E-2, and Midjourney. It also includes an “AI-driven Interaction and Immersion Builder” that makes crafting content with new reader experience standards easy.

Drag-and-Drop Content Editors

Drag-and-Drop Content Editors

Now you can visualise content quickly with the drag and drop editor. The need for technical expertise is no more. No longer will time and effort be wasted as well.

On-Chain Publications and Decentralised Marketplace

On-Chain Publications and Decentralised Marketplace

Blockchain technology is used in Biblo for content ownership, continuous royalties, and NFT capabilities. Whether you’re a B2C creator or an enterprise, maintaining control over distribution of your creations while still making money from them can be done on the decentralised marketplace provided.

Technology Stack

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

  • Ethereum


  • Node


  • Polygon


  • Python


  • React


  • Solidity


  • aws-s3


  • mongodb


  • openai


  • Bootstrap


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Paving the Way for Unlimited Possibilities in Content Creation

While Biblo has an array of impressive features, it’s the benefits that really make it step above the rest. This is just three, but they go a long way.

An Immersive Experience

An Immersive Experience

Create masterful content that fully captivates your viewers. No longer are you limited to showing and telling. With AI-powered tools and 3D-rendered environments, this platform will set the stage for your ideas and allow you to let them run wild.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Accessibility and Inclusion

The openness of Biblo makes sure that everyone can be included. No matter their language or hearing impairment, no one is left out. By using things like multilingual AI narration companions and sign language compatibility, there is no barrier between what you create and who can enjoy it.

Blockchain Royalties and NFTs

Blockchain Royalties and NFTs

Blockchain technology makes Biblo stand out from competitors because it allows you to earn money even while you’re sleeping. By doing this, not only does it secure your ownership of content, but also opens up more ways to bring your pockets. There are some things in life you may be on the fence about owning, but when it comes to your work, there is no question of who has control over it.

What did we deliver?

Biblo, the avant-garde content publishing platform, gives content creators to create immersive experiences. It does this by breaking accessibility barriers and securing content ownership. Some of its AI-driven features include Stable Diffusion and DALL-E-2 that make creating rapid content easy, as well as intuitive drag-and-drop editors that streamline the process. Inclusivity, compliance, and continuous royalties are ensured by its compliance with accessibility acts and integration of blockchain technology. With Biblo you’re not just creating content but engaging experiences that’ll disrupt the industry from creation to distribution while you secure your ownership and revenue.


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