A Fractional Real Estate Investment Marketplace
Embraces technology, strategy, and design Bonfire platform where users can invest through crypto, view their investments and list the properties.

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BonFire - Bonfire Real-Estate Fractionalized Marketplace

Client Requirement

Client Requirement

One of our clients, a popular real estate company, wanted to create a platform for fractional ownership of properties. The platform should tokenize real estate properties and allow for fractional ownership of the properties. It should also have a user-friendly interface for investors to manage and invest in multiple properties with crypto easily. Additionally, clients also wanted to integrate traditional banking methods, including fiat currency for users to do transactions.

What did we deliver?

Codiste team has developed a marketplace that allows for fractional ownership of real estate properties by tokenizing them. We have provided a common interface for users to invest and manage their investments in multiple properties in fiat and crypto currency.

Client Requirement

Features of Product

We partnered with Bonfire to deliver a tangible solution by integrating some of the exceptional features

  • Cross-border Investment

    Cross-border Investment
    Revolutionizing the real estate industry is a marketplace where investors can buy property without hassles.

  • Income from rental properties

    Income from rental properties
    Unleash the potential of digitization by renting property to boost revenue with ease.

  • Easy Browsing

    Easy Browsing
    Search properties by location, asset type, and cash-on-cash returns to make lucrative real estate investments easily.

  • Fractionalization of the property

    Fractionalization of the property
    Use crypto for more flexible and affordable investment options. Buying and trading fractions of the property into smaller units or shares becomes easy now!

Final Product

Codiste experts incorporated advanced features like Passcode and Biometrics. Codiste worked with Bonfire to develop a highly scalable marketplace that seamlessly empowers users to invest and check out their investments. What more, our solution helps them by increasing performance by 25% and reducing overall costs by 45%.

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Technology Stack

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  • React
  • Node.js

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