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Maximize Learning with Interactive Experience

ClassWizard AI transforms online learning by providing instructors with more advanced ways to create content and engage students. ClassWizard AI makes it possible for an instructor to interact smoothly with learners giving them instant feedback and enabling personalized experiences which altogether changes the way we teach and learn.

The Core

A visionary Singaporeon founder was looking forward to transforming online education by having a platform that would improve the interaction between instructors and learners. He was aiming to solve the problem of low involvement and ineffective delivery of information. We took 3-6 months to develop ClassWizard AI to achieve this.

The main aim of creating such a platform was to have all-round tools which could enable lecturers to generate questions & answers easily; write brief descriptions about topics covered in their courses plus make short video clips for the same. Besides this system ensures that instructional content is closer to learners' expectations thus making them achieve more within less time. Additionally, it was meant to be accessible where by the use of AI, every student should be able not only see but also understand any unit taught through these platforms thereby creating an interactive learning environment that’s more fulfilling.

Real-time content synchronization, chatbots for ongoing engagement, and detailed analytics for tracking and optimizing student interactions are some of the features that make this possible. Instructors are enabled to improve their teaching methods and expand their outreach thus leading to better educational results and increased student satisfaction

Requirement Discussion

A Singaporeon founder  had a vision to make online learning more engaging as well as turning passive consumption into interactive. He intended to change the way instructors and students interact with a view of making it dynamic and personalized. The biggest problem was to move the students from being just silent receivers but rather active participants hence making the education more enriching.

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Make the Learning Process More Interactive

Codiste has come up with ClassWizard AI, an innovative solution that has various interesting features that make the learning process more engaging.

Intelligent Content Creation

Intelligent Content Creation

Automation of quizzes, summaries, and interactive parts enables instructors to offer high-quality education. This saves time that would have been spent on administrative duties hence more personalized teaching can be done.

Real-Time Feedback from Students

Real-Time Feedback from Students

Tools collecting and analyzing student responses are instantly incorporated into course materials so that they may be adjusted for relevance on the go. In this way, the content stays meaningful and responsive to learners’ needs throughout the study period.

Matching Students’ Expectations

Matching Students’ Expectations

Support instructors to know the kind of materials students expect them to teach. For the students to be interested in the content delivered, instructors should align their teaching with what is expected of them thus making it more engaging and relevant resulting in better understanding among learners.

Technology Stack

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

  • AWS-S3


  • Node


  • MongoDB


  • Polygon


  • Python


  • ReactJs


  • Solidity


  • OpenAI


  • Ethereum


  • BootStrap


Want to craft unique concepts into end result by AI experts?

How Codiste Simplifies Your Online Course Development with ClassWizard AI?

A modern AI solution has been developed by Codiste, which allows for personalized engagement between instructors and learners.

ClassWizard AI – for Instructors

ClassWizard AI – for Instructors

The instructors can upload course material and then it is turned into interactive content by our system automatically. After that, the content can be shared easily with students or embedded on websites. Also, instructors will get feedback for improving future lessons which enhances the whole teaching process. Moreover, this platform enables frequent updates of content and provides a continuous flow of educational materials.

ClassWizard AI – for Students

ClassWizard AI – for Students

Interactive chats allow students to engage and find courses and materials that match what they are looking for. Personal engagement has risen with the introduction of more personalized material — learners love it when their interests are taken into account! They also cited an increased satisfaction level thanks to quicker responses which resemble those given by instructors in face-to-face settings.

Their Skyrocketing Success is Our Feedback!

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