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CounterTEN has proven to be a revolutionary solution for brands seeking innovative ways to connect with their customers using NFTs. Its success is evident from the $380,000 raised in the funding round which will further reinforce its potential in the NFT market. Solana-based infrastructure and diverse use cases, the platform is positioned to continue making a significant impact on the NFT ecosystem and reshape how businesses engage with their audiences.

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CounterTen - Digital Collectible platform for Loyalty, Brands and events

Client Requirement

CounterTEN was developed by Codiste, A blockchain application development company Where Blockchain and NFT development team to create a mainstream NFT platform that enables brands to engage with customers beyond what is currently available in the NFT marketplace. The platform aims to provide tools and a flexible platform for brands to create and sell NFTs for revenue, engagement, or both.




The NFT market is rapidly expanding, and brands need a reliable platform to create, sell, and manage NFTs. Additionally, there is a need for a platform that provides flexibility to businesses looking to monetize their work and engage with their customers beyond traditional marketing channels.

Features of Product

  • Tamper -proof

    Tamper -proof
    CounterTEN is built on the Solana blockchain, providing tamper-proof and easily verifiable digital assets.

  • Purpose Flexibility

    Purpose Flexibility
    Brands can create NFTs for a wide range of purposes, including event access, specialized VIP perks, product launches, memberships, property rentals, collectibles, and more.

  • Revenue

    Revenue and Engagement
    CounterTEN offers flexibility to businesses looking to increase revenue, engagement, or both.

What did we deliver?

CounterTEN provides a game-changing solution for brands looking to connect with customers in a new and innovative way. The platform offers endless possibilities for creating and selling NFTs, enabling businesses to monetize their work and engage with customers beyond traditional marketing channels. With CounterTEN, brands can deepen their relationship with customers and increase revenue. The Solana blockchain provides a reliable and tamper-proof platform for creating and managing NFTs. CounterTEN has already been used successfully by luxury car manufacturers and clothing brands for NFTs that offer exclusive access and early product launches.

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