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Creating a 360-Degree Decentralized Crypto Wallet
As Blockchain experts, Codiste develops a highly-secured crypto wallet - ‘Divewallet’ that supports well known EVM-based blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and Solana.

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DiveWallet - Decentralised Safest Crypto and digital assets wallet

Client Requirement

The client needed the crypto wallet to possess the functionalities of Passcode and Biometrics for better financial security at the users’ end. Additionally, the client required integration of the wallet with the Web3 browser. It was implied that the client was looking for solutions both for Divewallet and its users, with protection of funds in the crypto wallet being the primary requirement.

Case Study

Features of Product

Our team incorporated seamless functionalities right from price optimization and swapping to push notifications and NFTs listing. These unique features were designed to give the optimum best to the end users.

  • Price Optimization

    Price Optimization
    With third-party applications - Coingecko, CoinGapp, and LynxCrypto for the best price analysis, the end-user always gets the best price.

  • Wallet Connect

    Wallet Connect
    It helps users connect with the Web3 websites through the QR code and do the required transactions.

  • ManageToken

    This feature automatically adds 500 tokens within the Divewallet once the user creates the account, hence saving time.

  • Swapping

    Backed by a third-party application, ChangeNow, this feature helps the end user swap coins within the Divewallet.

  • Price Alert

    Price Alert
    This unique feature facilitates the end users to keep a watch on the fluctuating prices of coins like Bitcoin, Ether, etc.

  • Push Notification

    Push Notification
    Push Notification notifies the end user whenever the coin price increases or decreases by +5% or -5%.

  • Wallet Security

    Wallet Security
    It allows end users to enable or disable the Passcode and Password as per their needs.

  • Multicoin Wallet

    Multicoin Wallet
    This feature allows end users to add multiple accounts and create multiple wallets within the Divewallet.

  • Dusting Attack Alert

    Dusting Attack Alert
    This functionality helps the end users of the Divewallet to secure their accounts by giving them real-time alerts in case of any breach.

  • Listing of NFTs

    Listing of NFTs
    If any user within the Divewallet holds any NFTs related to Ethereum or Binance, those NFTs will be listed within the Divewallet.

What did we deliver?

Codiste experts incorporated advanced features like Passcode and Biometrics. The Web3 browser integration would help the end users directly connect to the wallet if accessing via browser. We offered an extra layer of security where the system will ask for a password from the end user every time they perform a transaction within Divewallet. Zero Knowledge Policy is followed, which means no password would be stored on any device, enhancing the security.

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