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Client Requirement

The client was seeking an innovative digital solution to streamline their venue planning. Their unique Event venues had previously required tedious and time-consuming manual measurement and mapping to generate 2D-floor plans. This has restricted them from efficiently visualising the layouts and designs of their Event spaces.
They wanted to be able to easily create highly accurate and intricately detailed 2D floor plans from 3D scans of their venues. Digitising the venues into 3D models first, precise 2D floor plans could be generated with exact dimensions for walls, pillars, doors, windows, and all open areas.
Having access to these realistic interactive 3D venue models and 2D floor plans would enable their Event planning teams to better visualise and collaborate on optimised venue layouts. They could experiment with different arrangements based on the Events and expected attendees.

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Features of EventAR

EventAR reform Event venue planning with modern LiDAR scanning technology that captures highly precise Event’s venue. These interactive digital models are then used to generate accurate 2D-floor plans optimised for collaboration across Event planning teams.

2D/3D Representation

2D/3D Representation

Utilize advanced LiDAR scanning technology to accurately capture millions of precise spatial data points of the venue. Process this data to generate a 3D model of the venue with intricate details. Then smoothly create fully scaled 2D floor plans with exact measurements for all walls, doors, windows, pillars, fixtures, and open areas.

LiDAR Sensor Integration

LiDAR Sensor Integration

Integrate high-precision LiDAR sensors to rapidly scan the venue space with accuracy. The modern sensor helps to capture millions of 3D points cloud data in milliseconds. See immediate results from this efficient scanning to digitally model the venue with unprecedented accuracy and precision for planning and measurements.

Social Media Extension

Social Media Extension

Export and save optimized 2D floor plans from the 3D models. Easily share these digitized venue layouts with key event planning team members and vendors in real-time via social media. This social sharing integration allows all stakeholders to access and collaborate on the latest floor plans for enhanced communication and streamlined coordination.

Technology Stack

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Benefits of EventAR

EventAR enhances Event planning with immersive 3D venue models that optimise layouts and logistics. Digital floor plans improve collaboration across teams and provide interactive visualisations to impress clients.

Immersive 3D Venue Models

Immersive 3D Venue Models

Immersive 3D venue models optimize layouts and logistics for more successful events. EventAR allows users to visualize their venue in stunning and realistic 3D, helping to optimize layouts and logistics in a way not possible with 2D plans. Interactive 3D models enable users to efficiently evaluate and tailor arrangements to maximize event success.

Digital Floor Plans

Digital Floor Plans

Digital floor plans enhance collaboration across teams for accurate planning. The ability to instantly share up-to-date 2D floor plans drives enhanced collaboration across event planning teams and vendors. All stakeholders can access the latest plans in real-time, allowing them to coordinate more consistently on layouts, logistics, and other critical details.

Interactive Venue Visualisation

Interactive Venue Visualisation

Interactive venue visualizations provide clients with realistic previews. EventAR’s detailed 3D venue scans facilitate creating visually impressive interactive previews. Clients can digitally tour authentic renderings of the event space, gaining a deeper understanding of what the venue offers and how it can be utilized. This allows venues to attract more business by showcasing spaces virtually.

What We Delivered?

Codiste delivered an innovative augmented reality solution that completely changed the way the client approached venue planning. Using advanced LiDAR scanning technology and complex 3D modelling algorithms, We gave the client the ability to digitise their unique venues into multidimensional interactive models for the very first time. These interactive 3D venue models could be used to gracefully create optimised 2D floor plans tailored to specific Events. Digitising the venues also dramatically improved collaboration, with Event planners across teams leveraging the same interactive 3D models and up-to-date floorplans.


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