The Medizen app was developed to help patients manage their medications safely and easily. It features a medication tracker, reminders, drug interaction checker, refill reminders, and family sharing. The development team overcame challenges to create a user-friendly and reliable app that meets the client's requirements. The app can improve health outcomes for users.

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Medizen - Pill Reminder and Drug interaction Detection app

Client Requirement

Client Requirement

The client, who was a healthcare professional, had identified a growing need for a tool that could help patients manage their medications effectively. The client had noticed that many patients struggled with keeping track of their medications, which led to missed doses, incorrect dosages, and potentially harmful interactions. The client wanted a solution that would help patients manage their medications safely and easily.


During the development of the Medizen app, the team faced significant challenges, including designing an easy-to-use interface for users of all ages and ensuring the app's accuracy and reliability. Despite these challenges, the team successfully delivered an app that met the client's requirements and provided a solution to the complex issue of medication management and interaction validation.


Features of Product

  • Medication Tracker

    Medication Tracker
    The app allows users to track their medications, including dosage, frequency, and duration.

  • Reminders

    The app sends reminders to users to take their medications on time, ensuring that they never miss a dose.

  • Drug Interaction Checker

    Drug Interaction Checker
    The app checks for potential interactions between medications and alerts users if there is a risk of harm.

  • Refill Reminders

    Refill Reminders
    The app alerts users when it's time to refill their medications, ensuring that they never run out.

  • Family Sharing

    Family Sharing
    The app allows users to share their medication schedules with family members, making it easier for loved ones to keep track of their medications

What did we deliver?

The Medizen app was developed to meet the client's requirements of creating an easy-to-use and reliable tool to help users manage their medications. The development team successfully delivered a user-friendly app that offers powerful features and accurate information to ensure medication safety and effectiveness. Overall, Medizen is an excellent solution for those struggling with medication management and interaction validation, as it can improve health outcomes and simplify the medication tracking process

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