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Transform Your Podcast into Dynamic Dialogues

Boost Engagement with Live Listener Interaction
Revitalise your podcast by inviting listeners to partake in lively discussions. This enhances engagement, offers new insights, and creates a way for additional income sources.

The Core

Alex, a Singaporean founder, approached us to build a tool for solving personalised engagement problems for podcasters. Data showed engagement rates ranging from 8% to 20%, with monetization being a major hurdle. As a first-generation entrepreneur, Alex passionately wanted to help podcasters pursue their passion while addressing engagement and monetization.
To resolve this issue, we built a tool using sophisticate­d AI to process large sets of unstructure­d data. After four months of concentrated e­ffort, our digital product enabled podcasters to conne­ct individually with each podcast. It allowed them to unde­rstand listener intere­sts for monetization opportunities. Additionally, they could monitor audie­nce engageme­nt through an interactive dashboard.
Not only did the engagement surge up to 33% but also users were happy with our product as they got the required information from podcasts in just a few seconds, without having to liste­n to the entire e­pisode. Ale­x, as the founder of our company, was overjoye­d to see our expe­rt team successfully providing value to custome­rs. We collaborated closely with Alex to create­ more helpful service­s for podcast creators.

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Requirement Discussion

The client only had the concept of enhancing the experience of podcast listening by morphing the podcast into a rich tapestry of interactive discussions. There was a challenge for Codiste to transform the audience from silent receivers into dynamic participants, crafting a vibrant conversation with every show. The client’s need was to amplify every listener's involvement by infusing each podcast with dynamic interaction that transforms ordinary listening into a shared adventure.

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Make Every Episode a Two-Way Street

Codiste provided an innovative solution, Podcast AI, by implementing some of the catchy features that elevate podcast engagement. Some of them are

Instant Episode Sync

Instant Episode Sync

Fast-track your podcast's capability with swift transcription services. Get your episodes primed for listener interaction the moment they hit the airwaves while users can get personalized recommendations that help them to discover content more efficiently.

Always-On Engagement

Always-On Engagement

Turn your podcast into an endless hub of conversation. Engage with listeners around the clock, shifting from passive to active engagement seamlessly. This will foster a strong emotional connection between podcasters with the audience and vice versa.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

Use the power of data by tracking listener interactions and preferences. Use these complete analytics to make your future episodes. Customise them so that they are most liked by what listeners care the most about.

Technology Stack

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

  • Lemonsqueezy


  • HTML


  • Node


  • Python


  • React


  • mongodb


  • openai


  • Bootstrap


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Key Features that Take Podcast to New Heights

Streamline, monetize, and maintain control of your podcasts with these innovative and unique features.

Streamlined Content Access

Streamlined Content Access

Quickly guide your audience to the content they crave. Save precious minutes for both you and your listeners with efficient content navigation.

Innovative Revenue Options

Innovative Revenue Options

Tap into the capabilities of interactive advertising, affiliate links, and special subscriber-only material right within your podcast environment.

Creator Empowerment

Creator Empowerment

Retain absolute dominion over your imaginative endeavors while crafting the directives that align with your envisaged narrative.

How Codiste Simplifies Your Podcasting Process in Podcast AI?

Codiste addressed this by developing a modern AI and LLM solution that facilitates 1:1 personalised engagement between podcasters and listeners. – for Podcasters

Podcasters can upload their episode files; our system automatically transcribes them into interactive Podcasts. Then, share these enhanced episodes directly with your audience or embed them on your site with ease. You're not just casting pods into the void; dive into your listeners' feedback to refine your next episodes, all while unlocking different ways to make a profit. Besides, it also helps podcasters to release episodes more frequently and gives listeners a continuous stream of content. – for Users enables users to do interactive chats and helps them to discover new podcasts and episodes that they are likely to enjoy. AI in podcasting recommends podcasts users love the most as per their preferences. Personalised recommendations help listeners to spend more time listening and less searching. Engagement surged up to 33%, with listeners expressing gratitude for instantaneous, personalised responses akin to direct conversations with podcasters.


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