Tankpad – Binance chain Minting

Tankpad is a user-friendly platform for purchasing and transferring NFTs on the Binance Chain.
It has a curated selection of NFTs, a fair marketplace with purchasing limits, and allows users to easily manage their digital assets by transferring NFTs to other wallets.

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Client Requirement


The client has requested a contract for NFT minting and a user-friendly frontend that includes a listing section for viewing all NFTs. While the marketplace section has not been assigned, the focus is on delivering a secure contract and visually appealing frontend with easy navigation and important features such as royalty fees and ownership transfer.


The main challenge of the Tankpad case study was to deliver the product with advanced features within a shorter time frame, which required the team to work efficiently and effectively to meet the client's expectations.


Features of product

  • Ownership

    Users can create and own a piece of digital content that is entirely unique and original to them.

  • NFT Portfolio

    NFT Portfolio
    Users can create a comprehensive list of all the NFTs. The list serves as a reference and a portfolio of the user's work.

  • User friendly

    User friendly
    Users can showcase their creations to the world and easily transfer their NFTs to other wallets

  • Showcase creativities

    Showcase creativities
    Tankpad opens up a world of possibilities for creators to monetize their work globally.

  • Ease of transfer

    Ease of transfer
    Tankpad enables creators to sell their NFTs to buyers and transfer them easily between wallets and marketplaces, providing flexibility and control over their digital assets.

What did we deliver?

Our team successfully developed an end-to-end solution that allows users to securely and easily mint, manage, and transfer NFTs. Our platform features a user-friendly frontend that provides an intuitive interface for NFT minting, a listing section where users can see their purchased NFTs, and a feature that allows users to transfer their NFTs to other wallets. The platform is designed to be visually appealing and highly functional, providing users with a seamless and enjoyable NFT experience.

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