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Digital Transformation By IT Solutions

IT startup Projects

Are you Startup and Looking for a Technical partner? you are in right place. We help a startup to accelerate innovative product development. Our team is specialized for MVP creation with quick time to market with quality.

Mobile App Development

3.8 Billions users as of 2021 are using Smartphones, Are you one who want to capture this market with your innovative idea? Here we are.

Web Development

Web development is your digital address, make it more illustrative about what you are and what your brands represents with solving business use case. Are you passionate to make your brand on top of market? Contact us.


Blockchain is the key for transparency and Decentralised data centre. Want to know more about use case and what Blockchain solves the problem or any idea to implement? we are here, let's talk.

Machine Learning

We specialised in Machine learning and Computer vision to train machine to take complex decision and behave like what Human mind behaves.

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Prominent IT Solutions

Pure Agile Methodology

Codiste Follows Industry Standard to deliver product, based on Client requirement we recommend to follow Agile methodology to keep watch on Progress and match the goal

Passionate About Success

Our Client's success is our Success, we believe in hand to hand coordination and make our client successful in their business, provides strategy for startup CoFounder to raise Funding

Global Technology Services

We at codiste provides solution virtually as well as onsite if customer requires. we are customer centric organisation.

Solve Customer’s IT Problems

Identify Problem, Analyse problem, Identify criteria for solution, Provide Optimised solution. This is they key we solve problems for our Customer's IT Problems

Work With Many Partners

We are partnering with Startups and Business owners to provide solution of their innovative ideas or business requirement.

Core Values And Missions

Helping Startup to Grow in this era with Quality of services is the Core Value we carries while dealing with any solution.

Codiste will get you on the move towards your goals.

The Number Speaks

Mobile Apps Developed
Machine Learning projects
Startup Collaboration
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With Our Hardwork keeping Client's businesses profitable, here are testimonials from our clients and what they think about us, Do you want to make your Business online and profitable with a secured setup? Contact us
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