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Are you prepared to use artificial intelligence to grow your company to new heights? Using AI to its full potential can change how you do business, improve judgement, and spur innovation. Our AI consultants contribute important insights and in-depth topic expertise to your project and have a track record of effective AI implementations. To help you stay ahead in today's competitive environment, we debunk AI and offer useful advice.

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Ai Development by Codiste
  • Area
  • Amplify
  • Assembler
  • Bioz
  • Bitopex
  • ClassWizard
  • NDeck
  • Restate Copilot
  • XOO-ID
  • Bot Cast AI
  • BonFire - Bonfire Real-Estate Fractionalized Marketplace
  • Mesmr
  • CounterTen - Digital Collectible platform for Loyalty, Brands and events
  • Holygrails - Solana NFT Marketplace
  • Apollo - Apollo Crypto Launchpad
  • CoinXpad - Coinxpad Decentralised Crypto Launchpad
  • Cypha - Make your Music using Cypha app
  • DiveWallet - Decentralised Safest Crypto and digital assets wallet
  • FTWDao - Diversifying the venture investing ecosystem
  • Ikaris - NFT Showcase Mobile App
  • Medizen - Pill Reminder and Drug interaction Detection app
  • MLEstimation - AI Tool to Analyse your Building material
  • NearPro - Connecting Homeowner and top Contractor
  • Bloqhodler - Hedge fund investment app
  • Galaxy Coin - Governance Token & Stacking Defi app
  • zo
  • BrainPulses
  • NextGen

Our Expertise in AI Consulting Services

Our state-of-the-art AI development consulting services are made to help businesses across numerous industries. We provide a wide variety of solutions specifically crafted to match your particular demands as industry pioneers in the AI space.

Why Choose Us for AI Consultation?

Trying to avoid the complexity of artificial intelligence's disruptive power? Our AI consultation services are intended to demystify AI and provide your company with real outcomes.

Comprehensive Development

Seasoned Expertise

Our team of seasoned AI consultants brings years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the subject to the room. This expertise distinguishes us apart from our competitors. We've successfully assisted countless companies on their AI journeys by providing useful, doable solutions that spur development and innovation.

Comprehensive Development

Custom-Fit Solutions for Your Particular Needs

We believe that every company is unique. Our AI consultation services are therefore customised to meet your unique needs. We take the time to fully comprehend your goals and obstacles before developing tailored tactics that will produce the best outcomes for your company.

Comprehensive Development

Seamless Integration with Real Results

We don't simply talk about AI. we put it to work for you. Our consultants offer practical assistance for seamlessly integrating AI technology into your business operations. We guarantee concrete and quantifiable results, whether we're reducing procedures, improving data analysis, or improving client experiences.

Comprehensive Development

Training and Support

We know that a smooth user adoption of AI is essential to its success. Our AI technology experts provide thorough user training and continuous support to ensure your team properly adopts our developed AI solutions. We ensure that AI seamlessly integrates into your everyday business operations and delivers results as you have expected.

Comprehensive Development

Stay Ahead in the AI Landscape

In the quick-paced world of today, keeping a head start is crucial. You can confidently navigate the constantly changing AI landscape with the help of our AI expertise. We keep you up to date on the most recent developments and assist you in making decisions that will maintain your company at the cutting edge of innovation.

Comprehensive Development

A Trusted Partner for Your AI Journey

Selecting an AI consultant is a crucial choice. We take great delight in being your reliable partner while you explore AI. Our dedication to your success motivates us to go above and beyond to ensure you reap long-lasting, sustainable benefits from using AI.

Our AI Consultation Approach

We adopt a practical and customer-centricity strategy to offer tangible outcomes for organisations looking for disruptive AI solutions.


Understanding Your Objectives

We start by thoroughly understanding your organisation's unique challenges and requirements. Gaining knowledge of your goals enables us to customise our AI consulting approach to tackle your particular problems and coordinate our efforts with your intended AI development and deployment strategy.


Tailored Solutions for Tangible Outcomes

Our AI experts work directly with you to develop individualised plans tailored to your particular use cases. Our main objective is to ensure that our solutions produce quantifiable outcomes that affect your organisation's success.


Data-Driven Decision-Making

We implement a data-driven strategy,To ensuring that each decision and recommendation is backed by thorough research and understanding. We provide you with smart data interpretation and analysis so you can make choices that result in the most effective AI.


Collaborative Alliance

Your thoughts and criticisms will be taken into consideration throughout the development process because we place a high value on open and honest communication. Our collaborative approach ensures that the final AI solutions meet your expectations.


Future-Proofing Your AI Strategy

Using a forward-thinking methodology, we design AI systems with scalability in mind, enabling smooth expansion and growth. We keep an eye on market developments and trends so that we can provide your AI strategy with the newest technologies, keeping your business at the forefront of AI-powered innovation.

We Help Our Clients with Result-oriented AI Strategy Consulting Services.

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Technologies We Offer

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

  • Python


  • Tensor Flow

    Tensor Flow

  • Theano


  • Hadoop


  • R


  • LLaMA


  • Nvidia


  • Chainer


  • CoreML


  • OpenNN


  • Neuroph


  • Sonnet


  • Tf-slim


  • PySpark


Industries We Serve

Codiste serves diverse industries providing tailored solutions to help businesses grow.



Real Estate

Real Estate

Event Industry

Event Industry





Renewable & green energy

Renewable & green energy

Human Resources

Human Resources

Sports Tech

Sports Tech





Funded Start-ups

Funded Start-ups

Cleantech Space

Cleantech Space

Our Engagement Models


Fixed Engagement Model

Our Fixed Engagement Model best suits tasks with clear objectives and scopes. To provide openness and predictability, we announce a definite price and timetable upfront. With this approach, you can securely schedule your project's budget and significant milestones, knowing we'll produce the desired results on time phase wise.


Time and Material Engagement Model

Our Time and Material Engagement Model is ideal for projects with dynamic scopes and changing requirements. In this case, you only pay for the actual time and materials used on the project. As the project develops, this approach provides the freedom to change the scope and direction, ensuring optimum adaptability to shifting business needs.


Hire Dedicated Team Model

Our Hire Dedicated Team Model is the best option if you need a committed team to work on your AI efforts and a long-term partnership. With this strategy, you can access a team of qualified and devoted AI professionals focusing only on your project. This strategy encourages fluid communication and a closer bond between our team and yours.


AI consulting is a specialised service that provides businesses with knowledgeable direction and support when building and deploying Artificial Intelligence solutions. It entails evaluating your organisation's unique requirements, spotting AI scope, and making tactical suggestions for effective AI deployment. It would help if you had AI consultancy to maximise corporate operations, obtain competitive advantages, and make data-driven decisions that spur innovation and growth.

Real estate,Healthcare, banking, retail, transportation, and many other industries are among those served by Codiste's AI strategy consulting services. Our team of professionals has expertise working with clients in various fields, allowing us to customise our strategy to your particular needs.

As an AI consulting firm, we begin by comprehending your business objectives and inspecting your current data and technological setup. Then, we collaborate with you to find chances for AI-powered solutions that will aid in achieving those objectives. To make sure that your AI solutions keep adding value, we develop an implementation roadmap and offer continuous support and maintenance.

A variety of AI solutions are available from Codiste, including tools powered by LLM model like ChatGPT models, Midjourney model-driven solutions, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, and more. We collaborate with you to choose the technologies most suitable for your requirements and implement them in a way that connects with your current systems and procedures.

The time needed to complete an AI consulting project can change based on size and complexity. To keep you informed and involved, we work with you to develop a clear plan and milestones and offer frequent updates.

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As Blockchain experts, Codiste develops a highly-secured crypto wallet - ‘Divewallet’ that supports well known EVM-based blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and Solana.

DiveWallet - Decentralised Safest Crypto and digital assets wallet

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