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Connect with Codiste to discover new levels of comprehension in your photographs and videos by immersing yourself in the zone of revolutionary AI technology. The way you engage with visual material will be revolutionised by our ML Visual Analysis products. Our team has been around the block to serve with ML Visual Analysis services that are intended to offer insights, expedite procedures, and improve security. They range from accurate Object Detection to smooth Video Analysis, Image Classification to facial recognition for personalised encounters and more.

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Machine Learning Visual Analysis Services We Offer

The blend of model architecture expertise and data visualisation techniques makes Codiste the right technical partner to serve you with these future-driven services.

Why Choose Codiste for Your ML Visual Analysis Needs?

We know all the nitty-gritty & in-betweens of visualising machine learning models, including neural network, so sit back and let us serve with the best possible solutions.

Comprehensive Development

Peerless Technology

Our offerings are based on the most recent developments in computer vision and machine learning techniques. To guarantee that you constantly have accessibility to highly precise and trustworthy visualization tools, we continuously advance technology.

Comprehensive Development

Demonstrated Reliability

In visual analysis, reliability is important. Regardless of the way they are used for recognising objects, facial identification, or finding anomalies, our algorithms have undergone thorough training and testing to produce precise outcomes. You can depend on our technology to do it correctly.

Comprehensive Development

Expandable Solutions

We recognise that as time passes, your demands could alter. Our services were created to grow with your business because of this. We can handle your needs if you're analysing hundreds of movies or just a few photos for analysis.

Comprehensive Development

Adaptation Possibilities

The needs for visual analysis and data analysis vary widely amongst enterprises. We provide personalization choices so you may adapt our offerings to your particular requirements and make sure you obtain the outcomes you desire.

Comprehensive Development

Formation Integrity

We value the privacy and integrity of the information you share with us. Your visual data is always safeguarded by our strong security procedures. Understanding that your data is secure will give you tranquillity and ease.

Comprehensive Development

Phenomenal Assistance

We are a collaborator in the achievement of your visual analysis, not just a vendor of services. From installation to problem solving, our devoted assistance team is prepared to help you at every stage, providing an unparalleled customer experience.

Our Machine Learning Consulting Approach

We assist organizations in a seamless journey of utilizing AI-driven insights, from defining clear business goals to implementing and monitoring ML models.


Business Goal

Understanding the desired result, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), and coordinating the ML strategy. With the larger corporate objectives are necessary for this.


ML Problem Framing

Convert the business objective into a clear-cut machine learning challenge. In this phase, the type of ML task (such as classification, regression, clustering) is determined, the relevant evaluation metrics are chosen.


Data Processing

Preparing and preprocessing the data will assure its accuracy, completeness, and suitability for ML algorithms. This covers operations like feature engineering, addressing missing values, data cleansing, and converting data into a format for model training.


Model development

Using the cleaned-up data, create, train, and fine-tune the machine learning model. Choosing the right algorithms, optimizing hyperparameters, and assessing model performance using methods like cross-validation comes in this stage.



To make the trained ML model available for real-time predictions, integrate it into a production environment or application. This entails creating a deployment architecture, managing model versioning, and setting up data pipelines for seamless integration.



Monitoring important metrics, identifying and dealing with model or concept drift, and putting in place safeguards to guarantee the model's dependability and efficiency over time.

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Technologies We Offer

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

  • Python


  • Tensor Flow

    Tensor Flow

  • Theano


  • Hadoop


  • R


  • LLaMA


  • Nvidia


  • Chainer


  • CoreML


  • OpenNN


  • Neuroph


  • Sonnet


  • Tf-slim


  • PySpark


Industries We Serve

Codiste's multi-industry experience propels outstanding AI transformations using their specialisation in delivering AI development solutions that address various business demands.



Real Estate

Real Estate

Event Industry

Event Industry





Renewable & green energy

Renewable & green energy

Sports Tech

Sports Tech





Funded Start-ups

Funded Start-ups

Cleantech Space

Cleantech Space

Human Resources

Human Resources

Our Engagement Models


Fixed Engagement Model

Our Fixed Engagement Model best suits tasks with clear objectives and scopes. To provide openness and predictability, we announce a definite price and timetable upfront. With this approach, you can securely schedule your project's budget and significant milestones, knowing we'll produce the desired results on time phase wise.


Time and Material Engagement Model

Our Time and Material Engagement Model is ideal for projects with dynamic scopes and changing requirements. In this case, you only pay for the actual time and materials used on the project. As the project develops, this approach provides the freedom to change the scope and direction, ensuring optimum adaptability to shifting business needs.


Hire Dedicated Team Model

Our Hire Dedicated Team Model is the best option if you need a committed team to work on your AI efforts and a long-term partnership. With this strategy, you can access a team of qualified and devoted AI professionals focusing only on your project. This strategy encourages fluid communication and a closer bond between our team and yours.


Visual analysis is the process of observing and understanding the visually represented data. The ultimate purpose of analysing the visual data is to create an argument based on visual evidence. By using this, businesses can quickly identify the current market trends and make corrective strategic-based decisions in real-time to achieve success.

Unlike the other essays, writing a visual analysis essay requires studying and understanding all the design elements and principles. With such deep understanding you can write an engaging description of the product, picture, photo or architecture and so on. Always start a visual analysis essay with an attention-grabbing hook statement followed by a brief description of the essay topic. In addition, you can provide some interesting facts relevant to the topic and state the essay statement.

Object detection is a kind of technique used in computers to identify the specific or interested objects within the provided images or video frames.
    Steps to follow for object detection in OpenCV
  • Gathering all the datasets of the given images or video frames.
  • Choose the perfect detection algorithms like haar cascades, yolo, SSD, and so on for your object detection.
  • Based on your requirements, perform the pre-processing steps (resizing, colouring, and so on) on your dataset.
  • Apply the chosen object detection algorithm to generate the necessary model files or parameters.
  • Draw segmentation masks around the detected objects to visualise the results.

Object detection works on the ML-based algorithm. To identify and locate an object within an image, object categorisation techniques are applied. Also, it makes use of functions like image wrapping, image blurring, etc., for transforming the image. A modern object detection model uses complex architectures, dataset annotation, and DL to achieve better results.

Image classification is a process of extracting information from the provided images. Image classification can be done in two approaches supervised and unsupervised. By using a specific set of rules, pixels or vectors of the given images are grouped or categorised. Once the categorization process is done, trained models are used to identify the images.

In general, video analysis uses rule-based algorithms to conduct the analysis process promptly. The rule-based algorithm offers a decision tree like providing ‘if/then’ questions for better prediction of the objects in the video. Based on the inputs, the algorithm eliminates unnecessary objects and detects only the relevant ones on the video.

Facial recognition is an advanced technology that is specifically used to identify and confirm a person’s identity by matching facial features. Biometric security systems which are widely used by companies use this technology to strengthen user authentication activity and provide better security. In addition, smartphones with this technology have received a welcome from the users as it provides more device security.

Anomaly detection is a set of processes used to identify unwanted or irrelevant data from the given input through deep analysis techniques. By using the pattern of behaviors, the system easily and quickly detects irregular data. Businesses involved in finance, retail, or cyber security make use of this anomaly detection to detect and protect themselves from harmful outliers.

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