Full Stack Developer
(3+ year)

Job Summary

As a Full Stack Developer at our company, you will be pivotal in creating and maintaining a robust and user-friendly web application. Your responsibilities will encompass both front-end and back-end development, where you will be tasked with developing a flexible and well-structured architecture and designing the necessary APIs to support it. Your expertise in JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, and modern web development workflows will be essential in delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Require Skills

ReactJS I NodeJS I Rest API I HTML/ CSS I JavaScript I XML I jQuery

Key Responsibilities

  • Full Stack Development

    Execute end-to-end web development, covering both front-end and back-end aspects of the application.

  • Flexible Architecture

    Design and implement a flexible and scalable architecture that adapts to evolving project requirements.

  • Front-end Expertise

    Need expertise in JavaScript, React.js, and other front-end technologies to create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces.

  • Back-end Proficiency

    Utilize Node.js and other back-end technologies to develop robust server-side components, APIs, and database interactions.

  • PWA and SPA Implementation

    Apply your experience in implementing Progressive Web App (PWA) and Single Page App (SPA) concepts for improved user experiences.

  • React.js Workflows

    Implement popular React.js workflows such as Flux or Redux to manage application state effectively.

  • RESTful API Development

    Create and maintain RESTful APIs to facilitate seamless data exchange between the front-end and back-end components.

  • Advanced Feature Development

    Ensure the implementation of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Tokens (JWT), to maintain robust security practices.

  • Authorization and Security

    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to optimize front-end and back-end build pipelines, enhancing development efficiency.

  • Front-end and Back-end Build Pipelines

    Execute end-to-end web development, covering both front-end and back-end aspects of the application.

  • Business Requirements Translation

    Work closely with stakeholders to understand business requirements and translate them into technical specifications.

  • Web3 Technology (Preferred)

    If applicable, work with Web3 technology to contribute to the development of blockchain-related features.

  • Version Control with Git

    Use Git for effective code versioning and collaboration within the development team

  1. Full Stack Developer

    No of vacancy : 1
    Experience: 3+ years

  2. Content Writer

    No of vacancy : 1
    Experience: 3+ years

  3. Business Development Executive

    No of vacancy : 1
    Experience: 2+ years

Employee Benefits

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Rapid skill acquisition & training

  • Involvement in emerging tech areas like Blockchain, AI, and Metaverse

  • Equal growth opportunities

  • 18 Paid Leave

  • 5 days working

  • Comprehensive technical training covering coding to architecture

  • Direct client engagement on a global scale

  • Annual salary enhancements

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