Predictive Modelling Services

To make predictions and anticipate outcomes, our unified team of creative & skilled professionals gather and synthesise market data and use analytical and statistical techniques. To achieve a competitive edge through improved forecasting, businesses recruit experts like for predictive modelling solutions.

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Predictive Modelling Services
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Our Predictive Modelling Offerings

Expertise in creating digital footprint with our ML model development services for 10+ years has made us one of the reliable Predictive Modelling service providers.

Why Should You Choose Codiste for Predictive Modelling?

Codiste, being an expert in forecasting models, addresses industry challenges and develops advanced custom predictive modelling solutions that address business needs.

Comprehensive Development

Experienced Data Scientists

A team of data scientists at Codiste are highly skilled in predictive modelling. Their analytics skills guarantee that you can depend on them to bring a wealth of knowledge to your project. Our Codiste's team will ensure that your prediction models are both reliable and accurate.

Comprehensive Development

Trailblazing Technologies

Our competition is left behind because of our ability to predict and model with modern algorithms and software, all made possible by advance ai development technology. The solutions we deliver are unparalleled in quality.

Comprehensive Development

Custom-fit Solutions

Our clients each encounter one-of-a-kind data challenges, thus our predictive models are tailored to your specific needs. With this customisation, you can be assured that solutions are created specifically for your company, providing optimal benefits.

Comprehensive Development

Data Security

Our advanced security procedures are crucial to ensuring our clients' peace of mind with regards to data security. Relax in knowing that your private information is in good hands, as it is shielded from both internal and external attacks. Our serious approach to data security is our top priority.

Comprehensive Development

Proven Track Record

Predictive modelling is our secret weapon. It has helped our experts assist numerous businesses in streamlining their processes. Record-breaking productivity and profitability gains have been achieved. Be our satisfied customer and experience the same success. Our accomplishments are a testament to our performance history.

Comprehensive Development

Seamless Improvement

For developing and changing predictive models and procedures to keep your company ahead in the world of analytics, trust us. We are committed to continuous progress, just like the ever-changing data realm. Opt for our predictive and modelling services that adapt to your requirements.

How We Build Predictive Analytics Models

Our experienced team builds predictive analytics models following below steps that help businesses to stay ahead in this competitive digital space.

  1. Scope and Defining

    Business processes and business outcomes are predicted. Based on the results, a suitable predictive model will be adopted.

  2. Data profiling

    Discovery of needed data is done along by finalising where to store, how to be accessed and what will be its current state.

  3. Data Integration

    All those identified data will be cleansed and integrated to form a consistent and comprehensive data set to build a model.

  4. Building Predictive Model

    Hypotheses will be defined and test models are built according to the goals, historical data, variables and factors proving the hypothesis.

  5. Incorporating Analytics

    Business processes are integrated with the developed model to make it more valuable and to achieve desired outcome.

  6. Monitoring Business Outcome

    The model gets monitored after the deployment in a live environment and measured for its effectiveness, corrections will be made if required.


We build Predictive Analytics Models for Large Corporations

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Technologies We Offer

We pride ourselves on our proven track record with 20+ technologies and delivering innovative, customized IT solutions.

  • Python


  • Tensor Flow

    Tensor Flow

  • Theano


  • Hadoop


  • R


  • LLaMA


  • Nvidia


  • Chainer


  • CoreML


  • OpenNN


  • Neuroph


  • Sonnet


  • Tf-slim


  • PySpark


Industries We Serve

Codiste's multi-industry experience propels outstanding AI transformations using their specialisation in delivering AI solutions that address various business demands.



Real Estate

Real Estate

Event Industry

Event Industry





Renewable & green energy

Renewable & green energy

Human Resources

Human Resources

Sports Tech

Sports Tech





Funded Start-ups

Funded Start-ups

Cleantech Space

Cleantech Space

Our Engagement Models


Fixed Engagement Model

Our Fixed Engagement Model best suits tasks with clear objectives and scopes. To provide openness and predictability, we announce a definite price and timetable upfront. With this approach, you can securely schedule your project's budget and significant milestones, knowing we'll produce the desired results on time phase wise.


Time and Material Engagement Model

Our Time and Material Engagement Model is ideal for projects with dynamic scopes and changing requirements. In this case, you only pay for the actual time and materials used on the project. As the project develops, this approach provides the freedom to change the scope and direction, ensuring optimum adaptability to shifting business needs.


Hire Dedicated Team Model

Our Hire Dedicated Team Model is the best option if you need a committed team to work on your AI efforts and a long-term partnership. With this strategy, you can access a team of qualified and devoted AI professionals focusing only on your project. This strategy encourages fluid communication and a closer bond between our team and yours.


Predictive Modelling is a set of processes which follows the mathematical way of forecasting future events. It analyses the data pattern from the given input and performs the prediction process. It is widely used in every aspect like predicting the TV rating, customer’s next purchase, corporate earnings, and so on. With the help of ML-based statistical techniques, this model performs the prediction more accurately.

Predictive models effectively use data analysis, AI, ML development, and statistical models to find accurate data patterns for better prediction. In forecasting the future of a company, this predictive model uses the historic and current customer demand data for predicting upcoming events. On the other hand, data scientists wisely use this model to find the correlation between the elements through statistical formulation.

Churn prediction model is a type of predictive model mainly used to identify the possibility of when an individual customer will stop engaging in a business. As the modern business world moves towards technical aid to survive and to succeed in today’s competitive market, this churn model plays a handy role in predicting the risks of losing individual customers in the future.

Here are the steps to follow for building a recommended system using ML techniques.
  • The first and foremost step is identifying problems and narrating goal formulas.
  • Next step, collecting customer behaviour data and initiating pre-processing procedures.
  • Now, understand the data distribution and relationship between data variables using Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA).
  • Furthermore, Pick the suitable features, models for your system and train.
  • Now, evaluate the proposed models after fine tuning all the hyper-parameters. Finally, initiate the model deployment.

Customer segmentation, it is an effective strategy mainly used by companies and brands to find and understand their target audience group. With this process, brands can group their customers based on their behaviour and engaging mode with brands. Customer Segmentation, improve the revenues and increase their client retention rate of a brand by enabling them to provide more personalised services or products.

Demand forecasting is the process of foreseeing the demands of the customers and predicting the quantity of goods and services that need to be provided in the future. With real-time analysis of the customer demands of the present and past, it accurately predicts the future. For modern-day businesses, this demand forecasting helps to gain more profit through effective optimization of the supply chain process.

We build trust and delivering result-oriented outcomes along with Generative AI services.

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