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October 27, 2023
Artificial Intelligence
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Top Companies Using Generative AI Techniques for Brand Amplification

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Brands from all over the world now started to leverage more advanced technologies to amplify their business operations, particularly on customer engagement. Generative Artificial Intelligence has become the handiest tech for brands to improve their customer engagement activities. Top companies have started preferring this Gen AI tool for interacting and communicating with their customers and creating more effective marketing strategies.

About 49% of marketers of B2B and B2C companies fully rely on AI techniques to produce final marketable content. According to the Precedence Research Report on Global Gen AI, the market size of AI is expected to reach over USD 2,576.16 billion by 2032. The penetration of AI technology in different industries can be seen in this statistical data. 

This article is a brief analysis of the top 10 companies that make use of Generative AI techniques to expand their brands in today’s market.

What is Generative AI?

Generative Artificial Intelligence also known as Gen AI mainly used to create digital assets like Audio, Text, Videos, and so on. Unlike the traditional AI which identifies the data pattern within the provided or instructed data set for generating outputs, this Gen AI uses Machine Learning (ML) techniques for generating outputs based on the instructed or previously used data set.    

Furthermore, Gen AI attracts a larger audience with its simple and user-friendly interface. Apart from that, this innovative tech offers several benefits which are listed below.

  • Users who use this platform can be more creative and innovative.
  • Gen AI improves efficiency and productivity.
  • It makes use of more new resources to deliver more accurate results.
  • Deep insights provided by Gen AI are very effective in creating successful marketing campaigns & product development.

Here are the popular user interfaces that use Generative Artificial Intelligence. 


It is a chatbot used to interact with humans by generating human-like conversational dialogue with the help of Gen AI. ChaGPT is one of the famous products from OpenAI’s advanced GPT architecture. With the deep learning capability, ChatGPT manages to generate more engaging and conversational type texts resembling human languages.

By using ChatGPT functions users can simplify the following tasks.

  • Creating unique content.
  • Conducting research and creating successful strategies.
  • Analysis of a large volume of online data.
  • Creating more appealing product explanations and summaries.


Bard is Google’s AI chat service designed to stimulate human conversation by utilizing NLP and ML.

Google’s Bard is built on a transformer-based model, LaMDA, which is considered as the alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT by following an ethical and transparent AI development approach.

Bard can be accessible through the individual Google accounts only by a limited user base from the US and UK. This AI tool is designed with a capability of assisting software development & programming tasks.


DALL-E is the product of OpenAI which is designed to generate digital images. By using Gen AI tech, the DALL-E enables its users to create images of anything by providing text prompts. The updated version DALL-E 2 enables users to create widely interesting images within a few seconds.

DALL-E 2 comes with API features that allow users to connect it with Zapier and create images based on art inspiration, Google Forms data, or HubSpot responses. To utilize the DALL-E 2 platform users need to pay $0.13 per prompt.


Just like DALL-E, the Midjourney platform allows its users to generate more realistic text-to-image generators. Images generated by using the Midjourney platform are more coherent and with visually appealing textures.

The updated version of Midjourney comes with help docs’ features that allow its users to easily understand and leverage more from its advanced features like image up scaling, image blending, parameters controlling, and so on. Unfortunately, the advanced beta version of Midjourney can be accessible only through Discord, so you need to join Midjourney’s Discord server to use it.


It is an AI-powered program used to resolve a complex and broad range of data problems with the help of neural networks and ML. DeepMind’s conversational AI tech is somehow similar to Google’s Bard.

But that doesn’t stop Google from using DeepMind’s tech in its services.

Google uses DeepMind accuracy on predicting traffic in Google Maps. In addition, the Machine Learning of DeepMind is being used in Android’s adaptive battery and brightness features.

Stable Diffusion

It is an Open source AI platform that allows users to generate images with natural texts based on diffusion techniques. Stable Diffusion  is similar to DALL-E and Midjourney, however, those two are open source. This enables users to access the platform without paying any.  

Some of the popular public apps like DreamStudio use Stable Diffusion to provide stable AI features. This enables the users of DreamStudio to have full control over the created AI image in various aspects.

How Generative AI works?

Generative AI is an innovative platform which allows users to generate creative and unique content in a matter of seconds. This platform is designed to deliver output to the same medium in which it was prompted (ie, Text-to-Text, Image-to-Text, Text-to-Image, Image-Video, etc). 

The platform works with the training software models to conduct data prediction without any explicit programming. It utilizes the neural network which stimulates human brand for handling complex data.

Top 10 brands using Generative AI

1. Google
Google, one of the leading tech giants in the virtual world effectively uses generative AI to create new experiences for its customers. Advertisers and businesses can leverage more from the Google platform to create more effective campaign workflows according to their business model by using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI).

In addition to that, Google released multiple Gen AI-powered applications like Meet Bard, MakerSuite & PaLM API, and Studio Bot. All those applications enable developers to be creative and productive in their work. With the presence of Gen AI in Google, developers can give life to their ideas.

2. IBM
IBM IBM is using Gen AI to lift their customer service operations to the next level, as a game changer in the customer service industry Gen AI leverages more from LLMs and generates more natural conversational responses. 

It uses Gen AI to generate a more effective customer service platform for enterprises. By using IBM’s platform, enterprises can automate their customer service interaction with more accuracy. 

IBM consulting makes use of the foundation models of Gen AI to create a conversational AI platform with the capability of auto summarization of calls, topic extracting, and instant auto-updating the CRM. All these sets of actions help businesses to make a vital business decisions with the accurate and actionable insights provided by the IBM platform.

3. Adobe
The world’s leading photo editing platform is provider Adobe, which uses AI, ML, and DL technologies for effective handling of all the practical challenges involved in content understanding and to provide an exceptional customer experience. 

Adobe created an extraordinary product with Generative AI tech, Adobe Firefly. Visualize your imagination and improve your creative process by using this Gen-AI-powered Adobe Firefly. 

4. Hugging Face
Hugging Face is a pioneer company that built a platform where the AI community can collaborate without any hassles. With its large open-source community, Hugging Face has launched several Gen AI tools directly to the customers. Many leading companies around the world utilize Hugging Face to optimize their existing AI models and to build new custom tools from scratch.

Most of the AI solutions provided by Hugging Face have very little or no coding which makes it easier to be embedded with existing systems.

5. Microsoft
Apart from being a large vendor of computer software products Microsoft now has grown as the most dynamic leader in Generative Artificial Intelligence. With the aid of OpenAI, Microsoft has developed many Gen AI tools for the support of their software products.

The tech giant has successfully inherited the Gen AI features with their Microsoft 365 products and incorporated Gen AI-based chatbot on its search engine. Now, it is focusing on developing AI-based self-pacing platforms for business leaders to gain operational efficiency.

6. Cohere
Cohere simply transforms any company’s product with the aid of LLMs. With Cohere’s powerful models, adding AI to any product becomes much easier. The inherited LLMs give the ability for the users to generate unique quality content and to summarize the pre-written large data sets.

By using Cohere’s Gen AI-based tools, companies can easily accelerate their productivity. Here are the lists of the most popular AI tools offered by Cohere.

Neural Search

7. Anthropic
The AI Safety and Research Company, Anthropic builds reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems for companies insisting on focusing on quality rather than quantity and speed. The flagship product of Anthropic, Claude is an AI assistant created with the aid of Gen AI technology. Anthropic Claude is used to create content, user reviews, product descriptions, etc.

Anthropic Claude is being utilized as a public-facing solution by companies in departments like Customer Services, Legal, Administrative office tasks, and Sales.

8. Glean
Glean provides a Generative AI-powered internal search system for enterprises, by using it internal employees can easily find what they are looking for from all the company’s applications. It is a simple system that plays a key role in improving an organization’s productivity and creating a strong relationship between the teams. 

Glean’s AI-powered solution for the internal workplace is the most recommended by all-size businesses from Startups to Fortune 50. With the Glean system employees find it easier to get relevant information that they need for their improving work efficiency.

9. Lightricks
Lightricks is a leading provider of mobile-based photo editing platforms. Being a leading solution provider for image and video editing, Lightricks with the aid of Gen-AI launched a text-to-image feature amended in its flagship Facetune app.

With the Gen AI feature on the Facetune app, this Israel-based StartUp provides a range of creative expression tools. By using this feature, users can create as per their wildest dreams by entering the text promptly. Once the image is generated, users can access it for editing and other animation tools.

10. Inflection AI
Inflection AI is one of the popular AI studios founded by the industry’s leading technologies Karen Simonyan former principal scientist at Deepmind, Reid Hoffman co-founder of Linkedin, and Mustafa Suleyman co-founder of DeepMind.

This AI studio was established to make a simplistic and plain language for communicating with computers. The founders are working on innovative ways to enhance the voice-based search capabilities between humans and computers. The Studio successfully created a personal assistant ‘Pi – Personal Intelligence’ with the aid of Gen AI.

Pi was built with the ability to provide infinite knowledge on the topics that are of interest to you. It can be a great venture for companies who are looking for a coach, confidant, and technical partner with creative knowledge for their growth.


Looking to utilize GenAI techniques to amplify your brand? Consider approaching Codiste. Codiste is one of few Generative AI service providers helping businesses of all verticals to grow with its customized AI-based solutions. Techies of Codiste are well aware of building digital solutions with cutting-edge revolutionary technologies to streamline and improve business performance. 

Feel free to talk to the experts of Codiste to utilize the power of AI and enhance your business activities.

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